Version v2.80 (Jun , 2020)

   Version v2.80 (Jun , 2020)

I-Pascal - a modern open source Object Pascal IDE for effective Pascal development based on excellent IntelliJ IDEA

 AnalyzeView Code

Analyze Features
  • Find all usages of any identifier including conditional defines
  • Find out what descendants a class has
  • Search over whole project using regular expressions and preview results immediately
  • Use decompiler to view interface of a compiled unit
  • Concentrate on code in Distraction Free mode

  Edit Code

Code Tools
  • Intelligent context-aware code completion
  • Rename refactoring. Others on the way.
  • Various quick fixes to problems highlighted by the IDE
  • RegEx-powered find&replace with realtime preview

 Compile and Build/Run

  • Integrate with Free Pascal Compiler
  • Delphi compiler is supported as well
  • Run right from the editor


  • Debug right in the code editor
  • Call stack, break points, local variables, watches
  • Step over, step into, step out, run to cursor
  • GDB and LLDB debugger backends

 Version ControlVCS

First class VCS integration
  • Commit, checkout, pull, push
  • Create, merge, compare branches
  • Create/apply patches
  • View log with search, filter etc
  • VCS supported: Git, Mercurial, SVN and others

 DatabaseDB Support

Database Tools (IDEA Ultimate Edition required)
  • Create and manage database connections
  • Enjoy SQL syntax highlighting and code completion for DB entities in Pascal strings
  • Many DB dialects: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite and others
  • Other supported technologies include: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, XML, GLSL and many more


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