Version v2.80 (Jun , 2020)

   Version v2.80 (Jun , 2020)

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Run with Debugger

I-Pascal supports two debugger backends: GDB and LLDB. The latter one is the recommended option for OSX.

To run a program with debugger use the corresponding button.

In SDK settings in "Debugging compiler options" field additional compiler options can be specified for debug build.


Debugger can be configured in SDK setting dialog (File->Project Structure->SDKs).

  • Debugger executable - should point to GDB executable or LLDB-MI executable. If the field is empty "gdb" or "lldb-mi" will be used.
  • Debugger options - additional options to launch debugger with.
  • Redirect program console output - program and debugger will output to different console windows.
  • Correct identifier names - Use AST to fix uppercase identifier names.

I-Pascal debugger will show variable values during debugging as usual: in variables view and when mouse stops over a variable in code editor.

Pascal-specific types are supported: strings, dynamic arrays, open arrays etc. When applicable, additional information is displayed: length, reference counter, code page for ansistrings.

IDEA inline values are also supported. Mouse hover and inline values can be configured in File->Settings->Build, Execution, Deployment->Debugger->Data Views

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